Andy Roddick Caught ‘Drunk Dancing’ in Las Vegas



Just hours before Andy Roddick was to interview Justin Timberlake for Fox Sports 1, the former U.S. No. 1 was caught in a slight lapse of sanity on the streets of Las Vegas.

Roddick was undertaking one of his new favorite past times, what his swimsuit-model wife Brooklyn Decker refers to as “drunk dancing.”

Who’d have thought Roddick liked to dance so much? Maybe instead of being a co-anchor for Fox Sports 1 in retirement he should have pursued his river dancing career.

He’s got the moves, you know. We’re talking about the guy that named his dog “Billie Jean” after his favorite Michael Jackson song. The guy who prefers to dance during rain delays. And the guy who does one heck of a humpty dance.

Here it is via Instagram. You be the judge:


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